Amazon is the world’s leading online market. Amazon turns out to be the number one choice customers recommend in terms of selling quality. Durable and affordable products. Amazon was first discovered in 1994 by CEO Jeff Bezos. It is located in Seattle and currently has over 341,000 employees. Amazon is known to ship products all over the world, including continents such as Africa Asia, and Europe. Amazon gained enormous popularity over the years due to the excellent reviews it receives from customers. This company is driven by a polite and professional workforce which provides exceptional customer service. Amazon is well known for be the largest most expedient internet-based retailer in the world by sales and market capitalization. This article is intended to review some products sold by Amazon. The products that will be reviewed are pool floats. The best pool floats that Amazon currently has in their inventory.


BigMouth’s Giant Mermaid Tail Pool Float

There is no way you can resist this 6-inch long float. It is artistically shaped like a mermaid’s tail which is then polished with pink, blue and purple polka-dots. This is will be an excellent choice if you’re buying it for your daughter or niece. Made of high quality and durable plastic to withstand high pressure. It is a wonderful design created and manufactured BigMouth Inc. It is affordable just $19.99 and you will receive free shipping.


Swimline’s Giant Inflatable Pizza Slice

Did someone say Pizza? This float has a realistic pizza image designed on it. It shows all the toppings which include the sausages, pepperoni, and mushrooms. It is a 6-foot by 5-foot float which is easy to inflate. If 7 of these pizza slices floats come together, it will look like a complete pizza. This float would be a great choice for the whole family and it would even get better if you’re actually eating a slice of pizza, so go grab a slice and then go sit back, chill and relax on your pizza float.


Intex’s Inflatable Bull Toy Float

Have you ever considered riding a bull while swimming? If the answer is no then, you should definitely get this one. This float has a brown bull in the center of the float while it has a circular boundary. The bull looks so realistic that you can’t tell if it’s alive or not. The eyes, the tail, and the horns look so real you might have second thoughts getting on tip. Take a wild ride on this float and you’ll feel like you’re a cowboy while you still enjoy the warm pool water. Challenge your friends to see who can stay mounted on the ball the longest.


Captain Floaty’s Giant Inflatable Unicorn

Relax on this giant white 8 feet long unicorn float. A beautiful white unicorn float that has all the breathtaking colors of the rainbow on its hair and tail.IT is undeniable large and extends four feet within the air! It’s a great choice for kids and also adults who haven’t grown out their childhood fantasy. Despite its large size, it inflates very fast so you can spend more time having fun. It is made up of abundant phthalate PVC material and comfortable handles. It is a long time lasting and durable which will even withstand the destructive hands of boisterous kids.


Giant Inflatable Blue Deer Float

Sit back and relax in this enormous blue beer float. It is five feet high and you can see it’s horns sticking out from afar. Inflates in 5 minutes and non-toxic to the environment. You can gracefully glide across a pool or lake in this float while you lay your head on a real pillow tail of the deer. You can also enjoy your favorite drink due to two built-in cupholders while you use your phone with an installed waterproof touch screen phone case.


Pink Inflatable Donut Float

This delicious looking donut is a 58-inch wide flat. It has a pink strawberry glaze with cute little colorful sprinkles on top. It easily inflates and deflates and is composed of eco-friendly material. A site can be seen in the donut. It looks like someone has been hungry. A strawberry frosting is on top and this float provides hours of fun for your children. It also ships with a repair kit in case of minor damage.


Cooluli’s Gigantic Chocolate Donut

Similar to the donut above, it is actually the same thing. The only differences are, it has a chocolate glaze and it is 51”wide.Mouthwateringbrown mouthwatering chocolate and rainbow-looking sprinkles will capture anyone’s attention. Made with top quality material, it durable and easily inflates and deflates.


Jasonwell’s Giant Inflatable Pegasus Float

Enjoy and relax on this elegant swan looking float while you catch the eyes of nearby swimmers. This gigantic float is intended to hold 2 adults. You can sit down and enjoy your partner’s company with this breathtaking float. It weighs over 400 pounds and it can be easily packed into the loose drawstring backpack so you can travel with it on your road trips. It can be easily inflated by your hair dryer, toy air pump or compressor.


Kelsyus Chaise Lounger

Lay back peacefully in this comfortable and relaxing mesh set which comes with a built-in footrest, headrest, and backrest. A free cupholder also comes with this 56”floating chair so you can quench your thirst and feel refreshed with your favorite drink in this hot summer. It cost only $15.00 and get free shipping.


Intex’s Sit’n Lounge Inflatable Pool

A circular comfortable lounge where you can sit and float all day. If you sit in these lounges, you won’t feel like getting up. There are three colors to choose from, slim green, apricot orange and rose pink. Grip handles are included with the sides just in case the ride gets a little bumpy and a headrest to promote comfort. It is 40”wide and it is recommended for age 8+


In conclusion. Amazon is known to sell the best pool floats ever. If you’re looking for stylish designs, comfort ability, convenience, durability and affordable prices, check Amazon. It is guaranteed that you will find something that you, your partner and your kids will like. These floats are manufactured by top quality companies worldwide and Amazon has taken has taken the responsibility to deliver these highest quality floats to you. They believe that you should get the best for your hard earns cash. Isn’t that true? Yes, it is. So, check Amazon for the best pool floats because summer is fastly    approaching!